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Mold Inspection in New York, NY

Enviro-Test, Inc. is an EPA certified lead and mold inspection company. All of our workers possess EPA certification and are available for both lead paint and mold consultations and testing. We are a member of the Lead Environmental Hazards Association (LEHA). Our goal is to provide the vital testing services that New York businesses and homeowners need to make sure that their homes and businesses are safe.

Environmental Concerns

The work we do is so important because lead-based paint and mold cause serious health concerns.
Lead can be very dangerous to young children. Young children are poisoned by the contaminated dust, which they often ingest. Small children put everything in their mouths, so if they come into contact with lead-based paint on their toys or on the floors they are crawling around on, the results can be devastating. In order to make sure that your space is safe for children, you must frequently monitor and safely repair any surfaces covered in lead-based paint.
Mold is risky for everyone. Mold gives off microscopic spores that remain airborne for a long period of time. When inhaled, these spores can cause a wide range of troubling and annoying symptoms.
If you suspect that there might be lead paint or mold in your home or business, contact Enviro-Test, Inc. Our goal is to help you, so get in touch with us today.

What We Inspect

We are proud to offer our inspection and mold testing services for a number of different properties and agencies. We are able to inspect all of the following:

  • Residential properties, including apartments and single- and multi-family homes
  • Developments (low- and high-rise)
  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Construction sites
  • Any structure where painted surfaces may soon be disturbed

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